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What is an RI?

An RI is a real estate professional that has a least 3 years’ experience and a minimum education requirement. You can find them (us) in all walks of the real estate profession. They (we) are designated, educated, experienced and connected.

When do I need an RI?

You would need an RI when you purchase a house and need a realtor, an appraiser, a lawyer, a notary, a mortgage broker. They are also strata managers and property managers, commercial brokers so whatever your needs are you can use an RI.

Why an RI?

An RI is a designated, educated and experienced real estate professional. They have a minimum of 2 years full time education and 3 years’ experience. They are also connected throughout the industry so they can hook you up with all the professionals you require in your transaction.

How do I hire an RI?

You can find an RI by searching our directory

Use an RI next time you are looking for:

  • Acquisition Manager
  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Appraiser – ICI
  • Appraiser – Residential
  • Arbitrator
  • Architect
  • Assessment
  • Asset Manager
  • Association Executive
  • Banking
  • Construction Manager
  • Consultant
  • Developer
  • Engineer
  • Financier
  • Lawyer
  • Leasing
  • Manager
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Notary
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Property Manager
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