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Industry Widens Infrastructure Gap in Fort St. John

posted on 10:27 AM, May 10, 2016
Sharing the road with industry requires road maintenance (Credit: City of Fort St. John)

Fort St. John is growing fast. It boasted the province’s second-highest growth rate in 2014 (4.7%), and the trend is expected to continue, at least in part, due to industry outside of the city’s boundary. Fort St. John could see $1.9 billion in major projects in the next few years—in addition to BC Hydro’s $8.3 billion Site C Dam—and this is expected to double the city’s population by 2040.

Fort St. John provides infrastructure to industries outside the city’s border but doesn’t have the ability to tax them, which creates a challenging situation for the municipality in maintaining its infrastructure assets. To help address this, municipalities in the Peace River region, including Fort St. John, receive BC Government funding through the 2015 Peace River Agreement. In 2016 it is estimated that Fort St. John’s portion of this funding will be $23.3 million.

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Read more about Fort St. John’s history with industry and how it is responding to growth in “A Little City with Big Industry,” in the Spring 2016 issue of Input, page 22.

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