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Property Representative 2 - BC Hydro

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Province: Dunsmuir, Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Property Representative 2
Deadline: February 4, 2022
Posted: January 27, 2022

Job Description / Duties


* Develops and prepares recommendations to optimize land use and development for BC Hydro's Real Estate assets by: researching and analyzing economic, social, environmental and political factors affecting real estate values; identifying risk issues; liaising or negotiating with realtors, property owners, consultants, lawyers, government officials and others; identifying design, engineering, financial and contractual issues and concerns; coordinating, reviewing, managing and approving real estate appraisal reports and other consultant studies; preparing cost benefit analysis and project budgets; preparing and presenting recommendations for approval by senior management; implementing and providing project leadership over approved recommendations.
* Represents BC Hydro in the acquisition, management, sale and/or lease of property, rights of way and other property interests; develops and coordinates property purchase and/or sale strategies; prepares valuation analysis; organizes and coordinates stakeholders to facilitate negotiations and preparation of agreements; manages project tasks, scope, risks and budgets; provides direction and instructions to Legal Services for preparation of real estate agreements and/or documentation required to complete objectives; acts as an expert witness at arbitration, mediation, legal or other similar proceedings.
* Manages BC Hydro’s utility corridor property interests, reservoir lands, fee owned lands and other interests; negotiates agreements; performs site inspections; reviews development and construction plans; ensures work is carried out in accordance with plans, agreements and safety requirements; follows up with property owners, developers and contractors on right of way encroachments where a safety hazard to the public or BC Hydro exists.
* Acts as a project manager or work package manager for capital projects and/or construction of non electric plant and corporate facilities by: preparing project estimates; organizing and; reviewing, administering and controlling project implementation elements, contract details,
budgets, scope, risks and costs; approving and recommending progress payments and other invoices for payment from contractors and consultants; investigating and resolving disputes and/or responding to, or initiating litigation action.
* Provides property management over BC Hydro land, buildings, major assets and real estate interests leased from others such as: determining acceptable uses, lease rates, terms and conditions; preparing and negotiating contractual agreements for leases and other property interests both as landlord or tenant; preparing and reviewing agreements with Legal Services; resolving landlord/tenant disputes; preparing and managing budgets and service contracts; representing BC Hydro in related disputes and legal proceedings.
* Conducts a variety of financial, property analysis and research for various projects, business initiatives and proposals to support managerial planning and decision making on property related matters.
* Provides technical direction to contractors, professional consultants and Properties staff; provides direction and instruction to Legal Services on the preparation, registration and release of various property rights and transactions. Provides work leadership over lower level Properties staff.
* Provides input into Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) regulatory applications for capital projects as required.
* Performs some or all the duties of the Property Representative 1 job.
* Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above duties that do not affect the nature of the job.

Qualifications / Required Skills

* University degree in the field of Business with a focus on real estate, Land Use or Resource Land Management, or Diploma in Urban Land Economics; or a professional designation in one of the following: Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI), Right of Way Professional (RWP), Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA), Certified Leasing Officer (CLO), or a Professional RI designation from the Real Estate Institute of BC (REIBC).
* Five (5) years experience in progressively more responsible real estate related positions with an excellent demonstrated working knowledge of real estate processes, property management, issues management, development issues, land use and general research, valuation, analysis, policy and strategy development, team projects, politics, economic issues, acquisition, lease and sale of real estate assets, rights and negotiation of various terms, conditions and values

Additional Information

This position is affiliated with the Movement of United Professionals union (MoveUP/COPE).

* A condition of employment for this job is that you maintain the following requirements in good standing: Driver's License Type = Class 5
* BC Hydro employees will be required to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated effective November 22, 2021

Contact Information

333 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5R3