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Lands Representative - FortisBC

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Province: Surrey and Kelowna, British Columbia
Position: Lands Representative
Deadline: June 30, 2022
Posted: June 10, 2022

Job Description / Duties

Liaising with FortisBC personnel, property owners, lawyers, land developers, government officials and others to coordinate information and attempt to reconcile differing positions regarding property issues to ensure that the interests of FortisBC and the public are served.

Coordinating and conducting negotiations with property owners, their representatives, government agencies or private organizations.
Preparing and directing others to prepare legal documents and other correspondence and ensuring that all pertinent information, conditions and signatures are included.

Advising FortisBC personnel, landowners and their representatives of legal issues and FortisBC's standard land procedures, and meeting with them to explain terms and conditions of legal documentation as well as witnessing signatures.

Reviewing legal documentation to ensure accuracy and correctness.
Managing files to ensure they are completed within specified time schedules and budgets to the satisfaction of FortisBC personnel and the public.

Reviewing maps, plans, legal documents and property titles to determine charges registered against properties, title restrictions and determining which consents, licenses and agreements are needed to acquire and protect FortisBC' interest in properties.

Assessing, engaging and monitoring the performance of contracted services such as land surveyors, property appraisers and land title agents to ensure maximum benefit to FortisBC.

Applying standard FortisBC land practices in a consistent and equitable manner.
Assigning work, directs, guides and checks the work of less senior positions engaged in property work.

Maintaining liaison with land title officers, government agencies, building contractors, municipalities and other utilities to obtain information or approvals.

Performing environmental property reviews for property to be acquired, disposed of or leased.

Performing duties of a minor nature related to the above duties, including operating a motor vehicle, which do not affect the rating of the job.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Successful completion of an Urban Land Economics diploma or equivalent.

Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to:
-Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
-Successfully negotiate settlements
-Successfully resolve issues
-Take initiative
-Work effectively in a team environment
-Work in a courteous and professional manner

Sound analytical, organizational and written communication skills including the ability to prepare a variety of external and internal correspondence and process inquiries.

Basic knowledge of computer system operations, environment and peripherals.

Sound working knowledge of application systems and software in use in the department.

Must be able to qualify as a Commissioner for Accepting Affidavits in the province of British Columbia.

Three (3) years directly related relevant work experience.

Valid British Columbia driver's license.

Contact Information

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