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Property Coordinator 2 - PRS - BC Hydro

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Province: Surrey, British Columbia
Deadline: June 10, 2022
Posted: May 31, 2022

Job Description / Duties

Source: BC Hydro
Job Title: Property Coordinator 2 - PRS
Job Number: BCH-R-4446-220530E1
Job Location: LMS-2, British Columbia, Canada

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* Provides work leadership for the daily operation of the paralegal and property management function, systems and staff by: developing, recommending and implementing approved new or revised procedures to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness; supervising staff and
ensuring even distribution of workload according to work priorities.
* Acquires property rights by: evaluating requirements, feasibility and timing of various private land rights, acting as an agent for Telus; applying to various provincial and federal agencies for Crown and First Nation land rights; contacting and negotiating terms, conditions and rates within current
provincial and/or federal guidelines for land rights.
* Analyzes and assigns to the Property Coordinator 1 complex land use requests and referrals
from both internal and external customers and determines if the proposal/request requires further technical and/or engineering review. Drafts and prepares letters of permission to implement approved recommendation.
* Provides direction and instruction to those who approve land use applications, implement
proposals/requests and communicate transmission and distribution safety requirements and property use details to applicants. Performs field checks and inspections of BC Hydro’s fee owned
properties and rights of way related to proposals/requests and permitted uses granted by BC Hydro.
* Provides training, direction, advice and guidance to the Property Coordinator 1 in respect to the preparation and registration of standard and non-standard legal documents for the acquisition, management and disposal of properties or property rights, ensuring that BC Hydro’s requirements
are met.
* Conducts research regarding sale, acquisition, and legal and historical uses of properties and property rights related to various projects, customers and other proposals; analyzes customer requests; arranges for, prepares and negotiates terms and conditions with internal customers and/
or external parties; prepares agreements, documentation and required approvals; prepares reports, supporting data and recommendations.
* Conducts special research and analytical assignments.
* Provides technical guidance and training to internal customers and external parties on a variety of property related issues, processes and requirements; develops and prepares related training aids, manuals and seminar materials; coordinates and conducts training seminars for internal customers.
* Participates in the management of BC Hydro’s real estate leasing portfolio including
telecommunications property rights, by: reviewing lease agreements and conducting site inspections both as landlord/tenant to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of agreements; monitoring and advising tenants of breaches/outstanding payments or other agreement problems and following up to take appropriate corrective action and negotiate a resolution.
* Reviews and approves financial documents to maintain BC Hydro property rights; approves payment requisitions for other staff members within assigned authority.
* Performs duties of a minor nature related to the above duties that do not affect the rating of the job.

How to Apply
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Qualifications / Required Skills


* Supervisory skills, customer service, property law and property related legal documentation for acquisition, management and disposal of assets, legal and report writing, survey and mapping, search procedures for various databases and registry systems for private, Crown and First Nation
rights, land research and analysis methods, procedures and techniques, negotiation, conflict resolution and presentation techniques and methods. Knowledge is typically acquired through completion of 3 years of the 4 year Urban Land Economics Diploma Program or equivalent.
Computer skills are typically acquired through use of various internal and external databases and IT systems plus BC Hydro in-house courses.
* A minimum of 4 years experience as a Property Coordinator 1 or equivalent experience with a well developed and demonstrated knowledge of various land transactions, property law, right of
way acquisition principles, legal property transaction documentation, processes, procedures and practices. Satisfactory performance on this job would take an additional 1-2 years to acquire the
additional knowledge and skills to perform the full scope of job. Well developed oral, written,
presentation, interpersonal communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, teamwork and
analytical skills.

Additional Information


This position is affiliated with the Movement of United Professionals union (MoveUP/COPE).
* A condition of employment for this job is that you maintain the following requirements in good standing: Driver's License Type = Class 5

* Sound knowledge of BC Land Title system preferred.
* Knowledge of property rights, specifically statutory rights of way and easements desirable.
* Ability to work in a team environment is preferred.
* Excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with the public and employees
* Location is LMS (Surrey)

Salary: TBA

Contact Information

1 800-224-9376