News > Upcoming SFU Vancouver Events - September 24 - October 1, 2015

Upcoming SFU Vancouver Events - September 24 - October 1, 2015

posted on 1:13 PM, September 24, 2015

Coming up next week at SFU Vancouver:


Thursday, September 24: Carbon Talks - Climate, COP21, and Paris: Behind Closed Doors
Time: 12:30pm   Place: Rm. 7000, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

On November 30, governments from around the world will gather at COP21 in Paris to (hopefully) finalize and agree to a deal that keeps the global temperature increase to below 2°C. The outcome in Paris could signal the future direction and ambition of global climate action. Many greet this optimism with cautionary notes, reminiscent of countries’ previous failures to secure a global deal, and muted expectations heading into COP21. There are already some hints of what we can expect in Paris, including the US, China, and other countries recent pledges to reduce emissions.


Thursday, September 24: Promoting Insecurity - Western Policy And The Degradation Of The State-Society Relationship In The Middle East And North Africa
Time: 6pm   Place: Rm. 1400, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

Sectarian civil war in Iraq and Syria, an overt war of intervention in Yemen, continuing anarchy in Libya, repression in Bahrein and Egypt; jihadi terrorism across the entire region and intermittently striking Europe; hundreds of thousands of casualties of terrible violence; millions of refugees and of internally displaced persons; thousands of migrants trying each week to enter Europe illegally from the Mediterranean’s southern and eastern shores: the evidence of extreme human insecurity, of an ideological and cultural regression and of a degradation of the state-society relationship in the Middle East and North Africa is plain to see. This lecture will consider the role of the Western powers in contributing to this state of affairs and will argue that a change of policy would be not only salutary for the countries of the MENA region but also in the Western interest.


Thursday, September 24: Chris Hope - How Large Is the Bill for Global Climate Change?
Time: 7pm   Place: Rm. 1900, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

This lecture will focus on climate change policies in developed and developing countries with an emphasis on the economic and social costs of carbon. Dr. Hope’s research involves numerical information in public policy and the integrated assessment modelling of climate change. An economist, Dr. Hope was an advisor to the Stern review on the Economics of Climate Change and was the special advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs Inquiry into aspects of the economics of climate change.


Thursday, September 24: Women's Equality & The Federal Election: Why Your Vote Counts
Time: 7pm   Place: Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

The October 2015 federal election is just around the corner. It's time to talk about voting! Women fought hard and even died to gain the right to vote alongside men. It can be challenging to sift through the information from all the political parties during an election. How important is voting anyways? What impact does it have? Women’s Equality & the Federal Election: Why Your Vote Counts is a non-partisan public education event promoting voting among women and awareness of issues impacting women in the federal election. This event brings together leading women’s right experts, economists, community leaders, and candidates from all federal political parties for an informative dialogue on issues impacting women in Canada.


Thursday, September 24: Taking Back Canada
Time: 7pm   Place: ICBC Concourse, SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre For Dialogue, 580 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

Dr. Pamela D. Palmater is a Mi’kmaw citizen and member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in northern New Brunswick. She has been a practicing lawyer for 16 years and is currently an Associate Professor and the Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University. She comes from a large family of 8 sisters and three brothers.

With introduction by Dr. Glen Coulthard, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program, UBC.


Monday, September 28: Post-Communist Russia in a Multi-Polar World
Time: 7pm   Place: Rm. 7000, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

Russia's integration into the capitalist world system (together with other post-Soviet states) was based on a compromise between local and global elites. Russia became a supplier of oil and other raw materials to the Western-dominated global economy. But ownership and control over the process ultimately came to rest in the hands of the local oligarchy. This agreement satisfied everyone until the global financial crisis broke out in 2007. Since then, given the new difficulties facing the capitalist system in Europe and elsewhere, Western elites are seeking access to new and cheaper resources. This clashes with the relative strengthening of the position of leading economies of the capitalist periphery during the past 15 years, including those of Russia and other BRICS countries.


Tuesday, September 29: Phil Fontaine: Resource Development and Aboriginal People – A Viable Option?
Time: 5:30pm   Place: 1st floor event rooms, Beedie School of Business, 500 Granville St.    Cost: Free with registration.

Phil Fontaine is a Special Advisor of the Royal Bank of Canada. He serves as a director for numerous private and public companies including Chieftain Metals and Avalon Rare Metals. Mr. Fontaine served as National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations for an unprecedented three terms. He is a Member of Order of Manitoba and has received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award, the Equitas Human Rights Education Award, the Distinguished Leadership Award from the University of Ottawa, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and most recently was appointed to the Order of Canada. Mr. Fontaine also holds sixteen Honorary Doctorates from Canada and the United States.


Wednesday, September 30: GTEx Forum: Growing Deployment of Alternative Energy: Biomass and District Energy
Time: 5pm   Place: Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

Metro Vancouver is home to several communities focusing their efforts on the application of alternative energy sources. From district energy facilities, waste-to-energy sites, to sustainable biomass projects, innovative new energy sources can be seen in municipalities and institutions across the lower mainland of B.C. EcoDistricts are also on the rise, where urban development is centered around sustainably sourced energy and a desire to diversify the power grid.


Wednesday, September 30: Navigating Global Economic Transformation – Challenges and Opportunities for Canada and Australia
Time: 7pm   Place: Rm. 7000, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

The 20th Century world is being recast by the interaction of four inexorable global forces. The combination of ageing populations, sustainability challenges (climate change, food, water and energy security), the emergence of new technologies and the shift in economic weight towards Asia and away from the advanced economies of the trans-Atlantic, is leading to pressure on global institutions and modes of governance. It is recasting areas of strategic interest, and competition, bringing forward both national and global policy challenges for countries to navigate while opening up massive opportunities for those with the foresight to position their nations to take advantage of this era.

Dr. Martin Parkinson will reflect on whether countries like Canada and Australia are well prepared for this new world of opportunity and challenge.


Wednesday, September 30: The Legal System and Drug Users – Town Hall Meeting
Time: 7pm   Place: Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

An expert panel featuring the Honourable Robert J. Bauman, Amanda Boggan, and Dr. Margot Young will lead off the discussion with a range of ideas and information on this subject.  From the role the Canadian Constitution plays regarding the law-making powers of Canadian governments, the role the judiciary plays in interpreting laws and reviewing laws for constitutionality, and how some DTES community members think the Constitution ought to be interpreted in relation to current federal drug law.


Thursday, October 1: City Conversations – Federal Election Forum on Urban Issues
Time: 1pm   Place: The Annex, 823 Seymour St. (2nd Floor)   Cost: Free. No registration required.

With over 80% of the Canadian population now living in urban areas, it is time for a national conversation on key issues that affect our cities.  For this special pre-election edition of City Conversations, we have invited representatives from the Conservative, Liberal, New Democratic and Green parties to showcase their policies and vision for urban issues, focusing on housing and transit. It is important to note that this will be a professionally facilitated forum, not a debate, with an emphasis on productive conversation.

The event will begin with remarks from City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Chair of Canada's Big City Mayors’ Caucus. Shauna Sylvester, Director of the SFU Centre for Dialogue, will be moderating the conversation.


Thursday, October 1: Carbon Talks – The Economics and Politics of Carbon Pricing in Australia
Time: 12:30pm   Place: Rm. 7000, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

The proposal to introduce an economy-wide carbon price has been a controversial issue in Australia for over 20 years. That controversy came to a head with the election of the Rudd Government in 2007 and saw the eventual introduction of a fixed price permit for the release of emissions, with the intention that it convert to an emissions trading scheme after 3 years. The 2013 election saw the Abbott Government take power--among the first legislative initiatives was the abolition of the carbon price. In this dialogue Dr. Parkinson will discuss the background to events that arguably led to the loss of Office of 3 Prime Ministers and 2 Opposition Leaders. He will also discuss the contribution of the economics profession to public confusion over the policy choices confronting Australia and will consider options for future reform. 


Thursday, October 1: Information Session: The Writer's Studio 2016 SFU's Creative Writing Certificate
Time: 6:30pm   Place: Rm. 7000, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

The Writer’s Studio is a one-year, part-time creative writing program with an emphasis on learning in community. Striking a balance between a formal, full-time MFA creative writing program and individual writing courses, we offer training in writing theory, craft, and the business of writing.

Join us at our info session, to meet the Mentors, Director, Alumni and Staff of The Writer's Studio. We will discuss the program, and answer any of your questions.


Thursday, October 1: Gandhi Commemorative Lecture with Jennifer Allen Simons
Time: 7pm   Place: Rm. 1900, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

Jennifer Allen Simons, C.M., Ph.D., LL.D. is an award-winning educator, thought leader and nuclear disarmament specialist. As Founder and President of The Simons Foundation, an innovative private foundation based in Vancouver, Canada, Dr. Simons has pioneered research, advocacy and action in advancing nuclear disarmament, peace, human rights and global co-operation.


Thursday, October 1: The Writer’s Studio Reading Series in Vancouver
Time: 8pm   Place: Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

The Writer’s Studio, hosts a popular monthly reading series featuring local and out-of-town writers and authors. This month’s authors include: George K. Ilsley, Annette LeBox, Taryn Thomson, Valerie Chalker Whitfield, A.J. Lin, Trace Wilson, Lynn Easton, and Janet Fretter.


Friday, October 2: Creative Mornings – Judson Beaumont
Time: 8:30am   Place: Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

Judson Beaumont was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1960. He came to Vancouver, BC to study art at Capilano College, completing his studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He graduated from their 3-D department in 1985 and that same year founded Straight Line Designs Inc., creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and commissions.


Friday, October 2: PhD Movie 2 Screening
Time: 7pm   Place: Rm. 1900, Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

"Piled Higher and Deeper: Still in Grad School" is the sequel to the film adaptation of the popular comic strip "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham ( Like the comics and the first movie, the film takes a smart and humorous look at the world of Academia through the eyes of four grad students, and features real academics (including a Nobel Prize winner!) in many of the roles. 


Friday, October 2: Terry Fox Run
Time: 12:30pm   Place: Harbour Centre, Hastings Street entrance, 515 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

Vancouver campus is excited to be organizing a 5km run and 2.5km walk and having Jessie Alder help kick off the event. Jessie Alder is the daughter of Judith Fox (Terry's sister) and niece of Terry Fox.

Jessie started with Terry Fox Foundation in 2007 and now works as the International Fundraising Administrator, supporting over 50 run sites in 32 countries worldwide. Growing up, Jessie saw firsthand how fiercely her grandparents, Uncles and Mom protected her Uncle Terry’s legacy and she feels honoured that they have now entrusted her to do the same.


October 2-4: The Legacy of Ernest Becker
Time: 9:30am   Place: Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free with registration.

This conference will look at the legacy of Ernest Becker's work with regard to its applicability to our current geopolitical situation. It will review the ways we defend ourselves against the awareness of our mortality through allegiance to an ideology. Any threat to the viability of the ideology is equivalent to the death of one's protective meanings. Consequently, much geopolitical conflict is an attempt to establish dominance over competing narratives.


September 11 – 26: SFU MFA Graduating Exhibition
Time: 12pm   Place: Audain Gallery, SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings St.   Cost: Free. No registration required.

This exhibition features three graduating projects by 2015 MFA candidates at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. Instead of presenting their works under a unifying title and theme, artists Lucien Durey,  Curtis Grahauer, and, Jaime Williams exhibit their respective projects within the shared space of the gallery, autonomously.


September 18 – October 16: Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: Circa 1948
Time: 1pm   Place: Westbank Woodward’s Atrium at Abbott and Cordova Street   Cost: Free with registration.

This remarkable collection of culturally dynamic exhibits has been curated to showcase the best in comparative interactive technologies. Step into three dimensional worlds and be transported to heritage sites a world away. Tour guides will speak to the technology, art, and narrative of each exhibit. This collected experience that will allow you to imagine how immersive technologies might be used in our future. 

Hidden Pasts, Digital Futures: A Festival of Immersive Arts is offered as three site-specific tours. Circa 1948, created by the NFB Digital Studio and Stan Douglas, is situated in the Woodward’s Atrium. Two additional tours Place-Hampi + and Pure Land+, are offered on alternating days at SFU's Goldcorp Centre. 


Philosopher’s Cafes


Thursday, September 24: Bike Café | Bike Lanes in Vancouver: Transportation Solution or a Symptom of Suspect Civic Planning?

Friday, September 25: Exploring Arts Practice as a Spiritual Quest

Saturday, September 26: Ryan Gander: Make Every Show Like It’s Your Last

Monday, September 28: Why Apologize?

Tuesday, Septemeber 29: Truth and Reconciliation: Is It Enough? What Next?