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At Home in Edmonton Tower

posted on 10:44 AM, January 5, 2018
Right-to-light office layout in Edmonton Tower. credit: City of Edmonton

“The City of Edmonton’s recently completed move to new accommodations was the largest relocation of a municipal organization in all of Canada,” writes Robert Guenther, RI. The City vacated nine leased sites in order to consolidate its operation into the new Edmonton Tower and two other buildings in Edmonton’s downtown core.

Why did they do it? “Having staff in so many downtown locations was affecting the City’s operational efficiency and was one of the motives for relocation. The other was the desire to leverage the City’s lease potential into a catalyst for downtown development,” explains Guenther. “Ensuring that Edmontonians would have the highest quality of urban experience, with improved architecture and urban design, an integrated service centre, and reduced lease footprint were key goals leading to the choice to lease space in Edmonton Tower.”

The City has leased 414,010 square feet of office space in Edmonton Tower, occupying 17 of the 27 floors of this LEED® Gold Certified building with LEED® CI Gold for the tenant improvements.

Download Fall 2017

Read more about how the City of Edmonton designed its offices and managed this Civic Accommodation Transformation project in “A New Home and More for the Municipal Organization,” in the Fall 2017 issue of Input, page 14. Download Fall 2017

Watch this video to find out more about how Edmonton Tower is designed to improve employee collaboration and service to residents.

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