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Surrey’s All Grown Up

posted on 10:36 AM, March 9, 2018
Downtown Surrey in 2040. credit: Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association

The twelfth-largest city in Canada and second largest in BC, Surrey has come into its own.

“With the current population estimated at 539,632 and over $12.3 billion invested in new construction over the past decade, Surrey is the home of endless potential,” writes Elizabeth Model, CEO of Downtown Surrey business Improvement Association (DSBIA). “The City Centre neighbourhood has experienced the fastest population growth rate for the past 10 years at 3.7%. There are over 1,400 businesses located within City Centre alone. Its current workforce is more than 25,000 and is projected to reach close to 32,000 by 2021.”

Designated districts have taken shape in the city, focusing on education, health and technology, and community. Surrey now boasts two university campuses, a newly expanded Surrey Memorial Hospital, and recent City Centre Library and City Hall. In terms of upcoming development, the City is considering a proposed 50-storey GEC Education Mega Center and is completing the second of eight office towers in its collaborative health and technology district.

The DSBIA plays an active role within the City of Surrey’s decision-making process for new developments where such developments fall within DSBIA’s boundary. It has been working hard to support growth and development in the city for over 15 years.

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