Strata Governance Certificate Program

The Strata Governance Certificate Program provides guidance in the practice of good governance.  We believe that governance training will help strata council members perform their roles and duties with understanding and confidence, thus allowing them to provide the best representation for all the members of the strata corporation.

Who should take the Program?

This course is one that can be taken by anyone.  If you live in a strata and would like more information on good governance, this course is for you.

What is the Program format?

The REIBC Governance Certificate Program is a web-based course that introduces interactive content to participants on the subject of governance for strata owners. It consists of 3 learning modules and a final evaluation module.

  • The first module orients participants to the program's purpose and format and presents a lesson on the Principles of Good Governance.
  • The next two modules contain a series of lessons, each on a topic related to governance, and each with an interactive quiz that tests comprehension of the lesson's content. These quizzes are not graded, but participants must complete each successfully before progressing to the next lesson/module.
  • The final evaluation module will be a scenario-based activity which will test participant's decision-making ability. Successful decisions should reflect the lessons in modules 1 through 3 i.e. participant's ability to apply the principles of good governance to strata business. Participants must complete this final module to an adequate level of satisfaction in order to successfully complete the course. 

The program can be accessed on-line using a PC or laptop. It is accessible by mobile devices such as tablets, although the quality of design and content might not be as good as on a computer. This program is not suitable for smartphones. 

The REIBC Governance Certificate Program is presented in English. 

How long is the Program?

The minimum time to complete this course would likely be about 60 to 90 minutes, but it could take longer.

The length of time it takes to finish depends on the individual participant, since there is no time limit for completion. For example, individuals with some background in strata living, governance, or non-profit management might find the content a little easier and complete it more quickly. Other factors that might affect progression time is the participant's first language, since as mentioned, this program is presented in English.

How much does it cost?

$99.00 plus GST