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December 2020

Meet a Member

Whether you have years of experience or are new to the industry, REIBC is your key to career advancement and connection with the real estate industry. Professional members have achieved the RI designation, which provide employers and clients with instant confirmation of advanced levels of education and experience.

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Paul Choi, RI.

Paul Choi

I grew up seeing my father running a gas station and taking the surplus income he generated to invest in different real estate properties. I never picked up an interest in running a gas station but always had keen interest in real estate from the young age. Our dinner table conversations were often surrounding different properties that he was looking to invest at the time, and I found it fascinating how a property can appreciate in value and generate a passive income.

While going through university and obviously not having any money to invest in properties myself, my initial thought was to become a realtor - but I quickly realized that seemed too scary, competitive and I didn’t think I can cut it among all those charming realtors out there that I saw on so many billboards.

So, the young naïve me at the time thought that the next best thing I can do was to learn about real estate as much as possible and become a notary! After my master’s Degree in legal studies from SFU and got commissioned as a notary, I founded Juris Notary office in 2016 by renting a small office by myself with a desk and a computer. From the beginning, I focused my practice in legal transfers of real estate/business and it has allowed me to grow my practice quickly to become one of the bigger notary firms in the area with 2 offices. I have also been able to garner great reputation, reviews and have won awards along the way, all thanks to my very dedicated and passionate team members at the office. I decided to join REIBC and become an RI thanks to my former CEO/Secretary of the BC Notary Society, Wayne Braid, RI, who spoke highly of the REIBC and encouraged all the members to join. I know that REIBC will provide me with a great opportunity to expand my horizons, network and learn from diverse real estate professionals.

We are currently in the process of moving to a new and bigger office over the next month and that is where all my spare time and money has been spent on. But typically, I like to work out and watch Jackie Chan movies.

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome to RI family.

Member News

Stanley Hamilton, RI (Hon) receives the Order of Canada for his contributions to business education in Canada and abroad, and for generously supporting Vancouver’s arts scene. Stan is an Honorary Member of REIBC and has been for 48 years.

Stanley Hamilton

REIBC reached out to Stan to congratulate him and he noted, “Receiving the Order of Canada was a huge surprise and a great honor. When I received the news (and decided it was not just a wonderful dream), I paused to think of the many colleagues and friends, many in the real estate world, who have helped shape my values and priorities and how much I owe to them for my receiving this honor. So, thanks to all concerned.”

The Order of Canada is one of our country’s highest civilian honours. Its Companions, Officers and Members take to heart the motto of the Order: DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM ("They desire a better country").

Created in 1967, the Order of Canada recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. More than 7 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. Those who bear the Order’s iconic snowflake insignia have changed our nation’s measure of success and, through the sum of their accomplishments, have helped us build a better Canada.

Appointments are made by the governor general on the recommendation of the Advisory Council for the Order of Canada. For more information about the Order of Canada or to nominate someone, visit

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson, RI, Principal, Jackson & Associates shares exciting news for his company. Jackson & Associates has merged with Kutyn Property Services effective December 18th. Dan notes, “we wish Chris Kutyn well in his retirement and welcome Jim Bearman to Jackson & Associates team!”

Congratulations to all!

Photo: Left: Dan Wilson & Chris Bearman

REIBC Announces ProSeries

Have you had an opportunity to check out the ProSeries? It’s a great series of our own members talking about what they have learned and are sharing their expertise with you. If you have some time be sure to check it out! They are first class information for you and for members they are free.

Avtar Bains

You can hear from Avtar Bains, RI (Hon) talk about the real estate asset class and offers a candid, behind-the-scenes look at his career and early achievements leading to his rise in the industry. From success to mishaps, Avtar Bains delivers valuable insights and powerful advice. (10 Lessons)

Andrea Fletcher

Andrea Fletcher, RI takes us on a journey of her incredible career from representing Starbucks to developing a strong personal brand. Her advice, humorous tactics, and engaging personality make this must-watch for real estate professionals. (11 Lessons)

Connie Fair

Connie Fair, RI offers an intelligent lesson on leadership. This class is designed for everyone, regardless of your rank or experience. Connie draws on her years of experience leading the top real estate organizations in the Province and uncovers the strategy of leaders, navigating politics, and addressing internal and external challenges. (10 Lessons)

Michael Heeney

Michael Heeney, RI delivers a highly insightful talk offering a big picture look at the real estate ecosystem, including how the components of design, economics, politics and business come together to form a city centre. No matter what discipline of real estate you practice, you'll benefit greatly from this segment. (10 Lessons).

Also coming soon is ProSeries Sparks

These shorter ProSeries segments we call Sparks (total class time under 30-minutes). They offer a concentrated dose of advice, insights and ideas.

Jason Grant

Jason Grant, RI talks about the real estate market, leadership and workplace challenges in this fast paced Sparks segment.

Daniel John

Daniel John, RI highlights the importance and weight of being in the real estate profession, offering sage advice and practical wisdom.

Judi Whyte

Judi Whyte, RI gives a history of the various real estate organization in the Province, along with context to help us understand the very foundation that gives support to this profession.

We will be adding new experts throughout the year and beyond to the Sparks series and to the full series so come back soon to see who is there. We will also advise of you of a new edition in the Weekly Bulletin.

Have any ideas on who you would like to hear, send them to and we would be happy to hear your feedback.

Referral Program

In 2021 REIBC is embarking on a referral program. This program will award members with a hotel night stay up to $300 for referring a member. Watch your in boxes in early January for the start of this program.

Videos from you

As proud RIs we are asking you to tell us in 30 seconds (or less) why you are an RI. What is the best thing about being an RI? Why should someone become an RI? No, you probably can’t do that in 30 seconds, so make 3 and send them across. We are curating videos to use on social media and we would like you to be part of that. Make your video and send to and we will take a look. REIBC will hold all final decision making on use of the videos.


As 2021 comes into full swing we will be offering a series of webinars to our members. We have your thoughts from the survey conducted early in 2020 and that is where we look to put our webinars together over the year. If you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to hear, forward them to and we will be happy to try and put them together for you.

We have two confirmed for you now:

January 28, 2021 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Bryan Yu – Deputy Chief Economist – Central 1
Economic Outlook: Current COVID-19 Realities and the post-pandemic future
Register here.

February 18, 2021 – 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.
Jim Anderson – Executive Director Venture Kamloops
Venture Kamloops - Moving Forward
Register here

Grapes REIBC Grapevine


The 2020 Presidents Luncheon was a great event. We received great feedback on the event and were happy to hear it. As with all things in 2020 we did it much different this year and we had speakers from Australia and Mexico and it was truly an interesting event. You can still see it at so take 45 minutes and enjoy the information you will receive. We had a great team to put this together and thank you to everyone who participated in making this event a truly amazing.

The AGM was held virtually for the first time in REIBC’s 58 years. It was a quick meeting and the business of the Institute was taken care of in a prompt fashion. Thank you to President Susan Antoniali, and Secretary/Treasurer Cindy Nesselbeck for their work on this. Thank you to all the members that attended this year. It is important to have the member attendance as we cannot move forward without it. The financial reports were presented and 2021 will see a change with our financial audit as we will do a review engagement instead of the full audit. We had three governors acclaimed this year, Umesh Chand – Fraser Valley, Rob Greene – Vancouver District and Jon Burbee – Vancouver Island District. Thanks again to everyone in attendance and we hope to see you next year. . . in person or virtually.

As 2020 comes to a close it has been a year that I’m not sure any of us could have imagined. We are wearing masks, we know what social distancing means, we are not gathering in person, we are hardly gathering with our families and we are washing our hands more than ever. So as 2021 starts, REIBC wishes you a healthy, happy and safe one!

Happy New Year

Career Opportunities

Property Acquisition Coordinator - Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

Manager/Managing Broker RE Office - Top Producing RE office on Vancouver Island

Leader, Fleet & Facilities - Janet David + Associates Inc. for Technical Safety BC

Property Valuator Negotiator 1 - City of Burnaby

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