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About Honorary Members

  • The purpose of Honorary Membership is to recognize and celebrate non RI's that have made exemplary, distinguished and outstanding contributions to the real estate industry.
  • This honorary distinction recognizes those people who have made noteworthy  contributions to the real estate industry; provincially, nationally or internationally and may or may not reside in BC.
  • They may not have strong links to REIBC.
  • Honorary Members are individuals; no companies or organizations may qualify as an Honorary Member.
  • The distinction is a lifetime one and remains subject to the discipline process currently in place for existing memberships. The honour continues to be bestowed when the individual is deceased.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of recipients for any given year.
  • Honorary Member's do not receive the RI designation.
  • Appointment of recipients made via resolution of the Governors. Call to action asks for names to be put forward for consideration by the Board of Governors. All names, discussions and exchanges to be held in the strictest confidence.

Follow this link to nominate an honorary member:  Honorary Member Nomination Form