Member Area


Vision, Mission, Values


A real estate sector comprised of professionals operating with the highest standards of integrity and expertise.


To promote our diverse RI designated members as distinguished real estate professionals that are trusted, educated and experienced.


Trustworthy professionals who are honest, reliable, respectful and always above reproach

Continuous improvement of the depth and breadth of the knowledge of our members

Professional, cultural and geographic

Proactive, open and honest communication

Collaborative mindset that fosters interaction, growth and increased professional expertise

Working Together

REIBC works with a variety of organizations and serves a diverse membership of real estate professionals. We are committed to:

  • Supporting high industry standards and professional accreditation.
  • Promoting standards of excellence in business practices.
  • Facilitating ongoing professional education.
  • Collaborating with industry leaders and educators.
  • Contributing to provincial and municipal land policies and programs.
  • Providing an objective perspective through independent research.

Our Unique Role

REIBC plays a unique role as the only professional organization whose members come from every segment of the real estate community. We bring together a diverse membership of industry professionals across seven provincial districts, offering special benefits for our Professional, Associate and Nominee members.

RI Designation

REIBC also offers the recognized Professional RI designation to real estate professionals from all sectors of the industry who meet high educational and experience standards. The RI designation sets a high professional standard across the industry and provides an assurance of excellence for clients and consumers.

An RI is a designated, educated, experienced and connected real estate professional.