Social Media Policy


The popularity of social media has grown dramatically in recent years and there are a multitude of various websites, platforms and technologies that allow users to post content and comment virtually instantaneously.

REIBC recognizes that its employees, officers, directors and members are likely to take part in social media and has identified the need to establish guidelines with regard to its own social media presence.

This Policy applies to all forms of social media including, but not limited to: blogs, webpages, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, Twitter and LinkedIn. If the REIBC is referenced in any media, this Policy applies.

This Policy is subject to ongoing review and evaluation and modifications will be made as new social networking tools emerge and the needs of the REIBC evolve. Please ensure you are up to date with this Policy.


These are the official guidelines for participating in social media for REIBC.
These guidelines apply to any online medium where information may reflect back on the image of the REIBC, its personnel and its members.

REIBC’s Social Media Accounts

REIBC page - any posts that are posted by REIBC will be approved by the E.O.
LinkedIn – any posts that are posted by REIBC will be approved by the E.O.
Twitter – any posts that are posted by REIBC will be approved by the E.O.

Members’ Social Media Accounts: Any content that mentions REIBC must adhere to the REIBC Code of Professional conduct which is Part 15 of the REIBC bylaws. If you are posting photos, you must have permission from the person you are posting and advising them it is being published on your personal page.

General Information for all platforms of social media:

1. Ensure the posts are accurate.
2. Ensure the posts are branded according to what event it is.
3. Ensure the posts are polite.
4. Ensure posts do not have any derogatory comments or curse words.
5. If you have a photo or a story that you would like REIBC to post on their page, please forward it to with the re as Social Media Post.