REIBC ProSeries & ProSeries Sparks

Learn from experience.  

The REIBC ProSeries is an immersive online learning experience for real estate professionals.  Each course is designed and delivered by an RI-designated professional, pre-recorded in a studio and available on-demand. 

The ProSeries Sparks are shorter segments we call Sparks (total class time under 30-minutes).  They offer a concentrated dose of advice, insights and ideas.  

ProSeries - Andrea Fletcher

Andrea Fletcher takes us on a journey of her incredible career from representing Starbucks to developing a strong personal brand. Her advice, humorous tactics, and engaging personality make this must-watch for real estate professionals. (11 Lessons)


ProSeries - Andrew Tong

Join Andrew Tong, Senior Vice President, Investments at Concert Properties, for an in-depth look at a fascinating career beyond the text books. Dive into real estate from the fund perspective to see the attitudes, philosophies and ideas that Andrew has engaged throughout his career that have made him elite in his field. (7 videos)


ProSeries - Avtar Bains

Avtar Bains talks about the real estate asset class and offers a candid, behind-the-scenes look at his career and early achievements leading to his rise in the industry.  From success to mishaps, Avtar Bains delivers valuable insights and powerful advice. (10 Lessons)


ProSeries - Connie Fair

Connie Fair offers an intelligent lesson on leadership.  This class is designed for everyone, regardless of your rank or experience. Connie draws on her years of experience leading the top real estate organizations in the Province and uncovers the strategy of leaders, navigating politics, and addressing internal and external challenges. (10 Lessons)


ProSeries - Daniel Jones

Discussing the founding and growth of BAREA - Business Association of Real Estate Appraisers - Dan Jones takes you through some of the core elements that have made this organization so valuable to its members and the industry. (7 Lessons)


ProSeries - David Podmore

As one of BC’s most prominent figures in real estate and with over 40 years of experience and an Order of BC to his name, David Podmore’s insights and lessons learned is sure to elevate every professional’s career. From experienced RI’s to aspiring leaders in the industry, get an inside look at David Podmore's playbook, philosophy and words of wisdom. (10 videos)


ProSeries - Michael Heeney

Michael Heeney delivers a highly insightful talk offering a big picture look at the real estate ecosystem, including how the components of design, economics, politics and business come together to form a city centre.  No matter what discipline of real estate you practice, you'll benefit greatly from this segment. (10 Lessons)


ProSeries Sparks - Daniel John

Daniel John highlights the importance and weight of being in the real estate profession, offering sage advice and practical wisdom.

(Sparks are shorter lessons - 5 videos)


ProSeries Sparks - Jason Grant

Jason Grant - talks about the real estate market, leadership and workplace challenges in this fast-paced Sparks segment.

(Sparks are shorter lessons - 6 videos)


ProSeries Sparks - Judi Whyte

Judi Whyte - gives a history of the various real estate organizations in the Province, along with context to help us understand the very foundation that gives support to this profession.

(Sparks are shorter lessons - 4 videos)