Fred Kozier, RI – “Since commencing my career, I have always been a member of the Real Estate Institute of BC as I believe it is the premier organization for real estate professionals in our province. If you are thinking about joining our organization, you will be joining an organization of real estate professionals; those that seek a higher level of professionalism in all they do. For those organizations looking to hire, rest assured that you will be selecting a candidate that has completed educational requirements as well as relevant work experience that will meet your organizational requirements. Yes, there are other great real estate organizations our there, but for me it has always been REIBC.”

Robert Greene, RI – “I had completed my education requirements to qualify for the RI designation, but hadn’t applied for many years until was competing for a job that required the candidate to have their RI. I started to look for employment in the industry and it became obvious to me that I would need my RI, as many employers were making it a requirement. So, I applied and was interviewed and accepted, and have been a member of the REIBC ever since (14 years). What I have observed over the 24+ years in the industry is that there are a log of people working in the many areas of real estate in BC who are RIs. All of these RIs have a longer-term view of the industry and their careers, and a more professional approach to the business. I have since learned to always contact and RI first, when I need advice or a foot in the door with an organization. The results have been very rewarding and have convinced me that the annual membership fee is always money well spent!”

Doug Gilchrist, RI – “I have been an RI since 2004 and each year I seem to get more value out of my membership. From the information shared by our colleagues in the INPUT magazine to the webinars, I find the RI a great resource for continuous learning.”

Doug Gilchrist, RI – “Putting the RI behind my name has been a great differentiator in an industry where trust and credibility are key.”

David Franklin, RI – I joined the REIBC in the early 1990’s as a way to meet other real estate professionals, stay current with industry developments, and further my real estate related education. In over 25 years of membership I have met numerous other liked-minded RI’s and enjoyed many association-sponsored events that have allowed me to continue to grow. The association brings a high level of professionalism to the real estate industry and its members are recognized as leaders within their respective discipline.

Susan Antoniali, RI – REIBC’s mission, vision and values are set as a basis for the strategic plan to provide the premier real estate organization through designation, recognition and professional development. It is an honour to serve on the board. The values of why you became a RI are paramount in the leadership of the membership with the integrity, expertise, diversity, transparency and community involvement. The ability to connect with a variety of designated, experienced and educated professional real estate members is paramount to the success of our members in business and personal connections.

Sean McGinnis, RI – I began my career in real estate while employed as a surveyor on the Vancouver Island Gas Pipeline project. I wanted to transition from surveying to a less travel-oriented career. I felt that the real estate industry was a natural fit and began the Diploma Progamme in Urban Land Economics (Assessment Option) in my spare time. With the project completed, I moved to Penticton to work as a fee appraiser until my relentless applications to BC Assessment postings paid off. Shortly after obtaining my professional designation from the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, I landed a job with BC Assessment in Nelson where I remain to this day. Having the RI professional designation has created leadership and advancement opportunities within BC Assessment. I enjoy working in a small office with exposure to all types of property valuation, from residential to strata and from commercial to major industrial properties. Justin Allin, RI - The REIBC provides a great opportunity to meet with a diverse array of professionals in the real estate industry, providing great connections for current and future endeavours. Furthermore, the RI designation, that is awarded by the REIBC, further illustrates your experience in and dedication to the real estate industry.

Keith MacLean-Talbot, RI – After changing career paths from tourism management to the real estate sector, I realized that I needed a way to distinguish myself. I heard from colleagues that REIBC had a number of great networking and educational opportunities that could also help my personal development. Having looked at the options I determined that getting my RI would be a good way for me to be recognized as a professional and also grow my network beyond those in the appraisal field. Additionally, it is great to be part of an organization that puts on such an amazing annual Golf tournament to benefit the “Make-A-Wish Foundation”. Overall I am very happy with what my RI designation has provided me and have found my time on both the Vancouver Chapter Committee and the Board of Governors for REIBC extremely fulfilling.

Mandy Hansen, RI – I have been a professional member of the REIBC since 2003, and I am proud to carry my RI designation. It lets employers, clients, and colleagues know I have the education and the experience to be recognized by my industry. I enjoy my membership with the REIBC because of my fellow members. I am surrounded by ambitious professionals who care about their industry and reputation. As a multi-disciplinary institute, the REIBC is home to the spectrum of real estate professionals, all of whom have met the high standards imposed by the RI designation. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, designations serve to differentiate you and show your commitment to your industry. The RI has time and again been recognized by my clients and employers as a sign of my education and expertise in my field of practice.

Michael LaPorte, RI – I have been a real estate consultant and property appraisal firm owner for the past 25 years. Professional connections are critical to success in my industry and as a member of the REIBC, I am able to expand those connections with likeminded individuals who have also chosen to pursue the RI designation. This designation represents the best professional qualities in the field of Real Estate in BC; expertise, recognition, collaboration, and integrity. I am proud to hold the RI designation, and would recommend the pursuance of this designation to all real estate professionals who wish to elevate their stature within their particular segment of the real estate industry.

Brad Currie, RI - I have been an RI member for almost 30 years, essentially, my entire career in real estate. The base of knowledge required to qualify as an RI has been very helpful in my career, both directly and indirectly. The educational and networking opportunities as a member are second to none. I have always found other RI's to be most open to help answer a question, or suggest other resources. Continual change remains the one constant in business. RI membership not only serves to help keep up with changes in specific disciplines, but the real estate industry as a whole.

Nathan Worbets, RI - The Real Estate Institute of BC provided me with the opportunity to get involved and ultimately lead the organization as one of the Institute’s youngest Presidents. The experience and knowledge gained along the way were important stepping stones in my career. Throughout my membership, the network of diverse professionals combined with the research and educational events and publications continue to enhance my career and skill set.

Peter Bretherton, RI (Retired) - The RI designation was instrumental in advancing my career. Both the education and networking opportunities allowed me to continually update my knowledge skills and abilities.