Current REIBC Committees

Meetings for committees take place once a quarter or as required, either in person or via conference call.

Governance Committee

This committee is comprised of three to five members of the Board of Governors and is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board.

  • Chair: Cindy Nesselbeck
  • Members: Geoff Radtke, Keith MacLean-Talbot
  • Staff: Chris Hamade

Professional Conduct Committee

This committee is responsible for maintain the professional ethics of the Institute as set out in the bylaws.  The committee members investigate and report, making recommendation for any necessary disciplinary action to the Board of Governors.

  • Chair: Ellen Hsu
  • Members: Matthew Andrews, Shannon Brown-John, Michael Drouillard, Tom Garvey
  • Staff: Chris Hamade

Audit Committee

This committee is to review the annual financial statements before they are submitted to the Board of Governors.  The committee ensures appropriate financial disclosure, that management implements adequate control structures and procedures and to report thereon to the Board of Governors at least yearly. 

  • Chair: Clayton Olson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Members: A non-board member, and one board member that is not on the executive.
    Non Board Member - Brian Kennedy
    Board Member - Rob Greene
  • Staff: Chris Hamade

Standards and Practice Committee

This committee is to annually review and update the Constitution and Bylaws to ensure they are compliant with the Societies Act, and are uniform with the mission and vision of the Institute.

  • Chair: Geoff Radtke
  • Members: Edwin Yan, Vincent O'Dwyer, Russ Reynolds, Lonnie Neufeld
  • Staff: Chris Hamade

Nominating Committee

To ensure that an organized and systematic succession planning process is in place.

  • Membership: Keith MacLean-Talbot, Cindy Nesselbeck, Geoff Radtke, Robert Greene