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Insight: REIBC blog

Let’s Talk About Community Interests posted on 10:23 AM, June 9, 2017
What do you do when an $8-billion infrastructure project comes to town? If you’re the City of Fort St. John, you promote the interests of your community above all else. The Site C project threatened...
Exploring the Costs of Site C posted on 10:50 AM, May 19, 2017
“At a projected cost of $8.8 billion, the approved but yet-to-be-built Site C dam is the single most expensive public infrastructure project in BC’s history. However, far more is at stake than just...
About BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project posted on 10:03 AM, April 28, 2017
We all use electricity, every day, for more tasks than we’re likely aware of, and likely without thinking too much about it. But BC Hydro’s president and CEO, Jessica McDonald, has been thinking about...
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