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Insight: REIBC blog

Health Care Capital Projects in BC’s North posted on 10:23 AM, July 31, 2020
“When an organization aims to serve some of the most rural and remote communities in the province,” writes Andrea Palmer of Northern Health, “great care must be taken to hear their requests and ensure...
Managing Climate Risks in Health Care Facilities posted on 10:33 AM, July 10, 2020
“Climate shocks and stresses already impact British Columbians and the health system that we rely on in times of duress,” writes Angie Woo of Facilities Management – Energy and Environmental Sustainability...
Surrey’s Health and Technology District posted on 10:18 AM, June 19, 2020
“The Health and Technology District, located immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital, is proving to be one of BC’s most rapidly growing and dynamic new health-tech sectors,” writes Rowena...
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