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Insight: REIBC blog

Housing in the Context of Reconciliation posted on 11:07 AM, December 6, 2019
Vancouver Native Housing Society is a non-profit society in Vancouver, operating since 1984 with a mandate to provide safe, secure, affordable, and appropriate housing for families and individuals from...
Are There Drawbacks to Creating Social Housing Through Partnerships? posted on 10:25 AM, November 22, 2019
To meet its need for 12,000 units of social, supportive, and non-profit or cooperative housing over 10 years, the City of Vancouver will seek partnerships to deliver such housing. A collaborative approach...
Partnering for Social Change posted on 10:24 AM, November 8, 2019
The Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative assists non-profits and social enterprises with their real estate challenges. Why? To enable such organizations to do the good work they seek to do—community...
How You Can Help Build Equitable Communities posted on 10:31 AM, October 25, 2019
At REIBC’s 2018 Presidents Luncheon, the guest presenters led the audience through a conversation about real estate value, risk, and return in building inclusive communities. Offered from a “community...
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