Webinar: Rental Housing - The Law, Challenges & Opportunities

March 29, 2018, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Join us for a lunch hour webinar to learn about fundamentals of tenancy law and legal resources as well as challenges and opportunities in today's rental housing market for both renters and rental housing providers.  With Speakers Andrew Sakamoto, Executive Director, Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre and David Hutniak, CEO, LandlordBC.

TRAC’s presentation by Executive Director, Andrew Sakamoto will cover the fundamentals of residential tenancy law and available legal resources for tenants across BC, including their free online course – Renting It Right.  Andrew will also outline some recent legislative changes that have been made to the Residential Tenancy Act and Residential Tenancy Branch.

Andrew_Sakamoto_Square.JPG Since 2013, Andrew Sakamoto has been the Executive Director of the Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) – a non-profit organization that promotes the legal protection of residential tenants across BC. As a member of the City of Vancouver Renters Advisory Committee, BC Rental Housing Coalition, PovNet Board of Directors, and Residential Tenancy Branch Operational Stakeholders Committee, Andrew is passionate about improving the lives of residential tenants through the provision of legal information, education, support and research on residential tenancy matters.

David Hutniak, CEO, LandlordBC will focus on the challenges and opportunities in today’s rental housing market for both renters and rental housing providers.  Persistently low vacancy rates, aging rental stock and, the risk/reward imbalance that continues to make the building of condos more attractive than purpose-built rental, will form the basis of the presentation.

David_Hutniak_square.JPGDavid Hutniak is CEO of LandlordBC and responsible for the external and internal leadership of the organization.  LandlordBC’s mandate is to support a balanced and healthy rental housing market with an emphasis on private sector solutions. The rental housing industry contributes over $10.6 billion to the BC economy, which is greater than forestry and mining combined. 

David is recognized for his leadership in the professionalization of the rental housing industry in BC through the introduction of initiatives like the Certified Rental Building™ program and Landlord Registry™. He is an advocate for the development of new purpose-built rental housing for a broad spectrum of incomes, and a strong voice for the delivery of safe, secure, sustainable rental housing for British Columbians.