LNG & Its Effect on Real Estate in the Northwest

September 20, 2018, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Bavarian Inn
4332 Lakelse Avenue, Terrace

We are excited to present Graham Pitzel, Realtor for Re/Max Kitimat and Ilyas Begaliyev, Real Estate Manager, LNG Canada, for a discussion on the current and long term effects of LNG in the region.

Graham will be discussing the effect LNG projects have had on the market in the past few months since the provincial government announced tax breaks for the projects. He will also touch on the comparison between Rio-Tinto’s project and the proposed LNG Canada project, and will ultimately give us his take on the what the future of real estate in Kitimat could look like.

Ilyas Begaliyev will speak about the LNG Canada approach to residential accommodations and workforce accommodations, including potential impacts to Kitimat/Terrace areas, LNG Canada EAC commitments, mitigation and actions to minimize disruptions

Graham Pitzel, Realtor, Re/Max Kitimat

Graham_Pitzel.jpgGraham Pitzel has been involved in Real Estate as a Realtor for about 3 years working for Re/Max in Kitimat. He was in the top 100 Realtors for Re/Max of Western Canada for April 2018. Prior to his current role, Graham came from industry in Pulp and Paper, SAGD, and Refinery operations.

Graham has lived in Kitimat almost his entire life, having enjoyed every aspect from fishing, hiking, or playing in the puddles. Graham feels that when selling a home, it is important to gather extensive market data. As a result, Graham has studied the effects of the LNG project in beautiful Kitimat.

Ilyas Begaliyev, Real Estate Manager, LNG Canada

Ilyas_Begaliyev.jpgIlyas has been with LNG Canada since 2014 in the role of Real Estate and People Logistics lead. His primary responsibilities include non-hydrocarbon physical infrastructure and services, including People Logistics, Offices, Workforce Accommodations (Camps) and Temporary Construction Facilities, Residential Accommodations and Facility Management Services.  

Prior to LNG Canada he was involved with Shell Canada on the Carmon Creek project as cost control lead and with Shell Kazakhstan as Kashagan Joint Venture (Kazakhstan) as a Real Estate consultant.