Building Housing Knowledge – What You Need to Know About the Factors Impacting Housing Demand in Non-Metropolitan BC

July 15, 2021, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Research funded by CDI UNBC and BC Housing

Housing demand in non-metropolitan areas of BC is impacted by a number of factors. Join us for this webinar to learn how housing demand will be impacted in the coming years. The webinar will focus on detailed information about population trends, housing stock, and the housing market in these regions. A discussion will follow about the challenges of responding to trends and meeting demands, as well as strategies that can result in more housing on the ground. Based on research conducted by the Community Development Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia, this presentation provides data that can be used by developers, builders, planners, architects, and government in developing business models and strategic plans for their communities.

Registration will close on July 14 at 4:00 p.m. and the link will be sent out after registration closes.

Events/Marleen_Morris.jpgMarleen Morris, BA, MSc is the Co-Director of the Community Development Institute and an Adjunct Professor of Geography at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. She has been involved in the housing sector in BC for more than 40 years.

Prior to joining the CDI, Marleen served on the Board of BC Housing, was on the management committee of the BC/Yukon Region of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, chaired the boards of The Bloom Group and Katherine Sanford Housing Society, and was appointed to the Vancouver City Planning Commission. Marleen also served on the executive team at Vancouver Coastal Health.

The CDI was established in 2004 with a broad mandate in community, economic, and regional development. Its housing research includes Building Foundations for the Future: Housing, community development, and economic opportunity in non-metropolitan Canada, the Northern BC Housing Study, the Tumbler Ridge Seniors Housing Assessment, and several community housing studies.

Events/Julia_Good.jpgJulia Good, BA, MA has been a Research Associate with the Community Development Institute since 2010. Holding an MA in North American Studies from Bonn University, her research interests have been focused on community economic development in northern BC, and in particular the role of housing.

Julia plays a key role on the CDI’s housing research team. Through her work, the CDI has established an extensive database on housing in non-metropolitan BC. This includes information on the housing stock, housing market, and demographic change.

Calling Prince George home since 2008, she has been keen to apply her research on the ground in her home region of choice. She is committed to, and passionate about enhancing the quality of life in small communities across BC.


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