Civil Litigation in BC

November 17, 2022, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Big picture discussion of common steps from Notice of Civil Claim through to Trial – Webinar

Please join Kornfeld LLP litigator, Mr. Nils Preshaw for a discussion of the steps involved in a civil lawsuit (from a real estate perspective).   Nils will walk you through the basics of the litigation process and answer any questions you may have.

Nils Preshaw

Webinars/nils_preshaw_photo.pngNils Preshaw is an experienced litigator who spent the first twelve years of his career as a Crown Prosecutor.  During those years he had a heavy trial schedule that included general criminal, conspiracy, drug trafficking and large wiretap project trials.

Nils Preshaw has conducted numerous provincial and superior court trials in both BC and Alberta as well as appeals before the Courts of Appeal in both provinces.

During his time as a Crown Prosecutor Nils Preshaw worked on matters involving CSIS, the RCMP, CBSA, CRA, IRS and Interpol. In 2008 Nils began focusing on complex fraud litigation.

In 2014, Nils Preshaw started his own practice representing clients throughout Western Canada in diverse trial matters ranging from charges of murder and dangerous offender designations to complex civil fraud.  While out on his own Nils continued to represent the Crown as an agent in both complex tax prosecutions and the defense of RCMP officers in civil litigation.

In 2018, Nils joined Kornfeld’s litigation department where he continues trial work with a particular focus on cases involving large commercial fraud.

Nils has taught prospective lawyers about electronic litigation, law students an LSAT prep course, lectured to CRA Investigators about Cross Examination; to commercial fraud specialists about Corporate Witnesses and been a guest lecturer for the Law Society of BC’s Bar Admission Course.

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