Metro Vancouver Industrial Lands Program

May 11, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 PM


Industrial lands are an important part of the region’s land base and economy. As has been well-documented and widely-reported for many years, the Metro Vancouver region has a limited supply of industrial lands, a very low vacancy rate, and a strong demand for industrial space. This situation worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, with accelerated demand for industrial space associated with e-commerce facilities.

The Metro Vancouver Regional Industrial Lands Strategy was approved in mid-2020, after over two years of research and engagement. It identified 10 priority actions and 34 recommendations which Metro Vancouver continues to implement.

Additionally, Metro Vancouver has updated the regional growth strategy, Metro 2050, with enhanced policies relating to the region’s Industrial and Employment lands.

Metro Vancouver has completed a number of projects to advance and implement the industrial lands program and continues to work closely with member municipalities, agencies, and stakeholders. Recent projects including studying the impact of e-commerce on urban industrial lands and transportation systems, and further opportunities to advance industrial intensification and densification. 

PC Urban and IntraUrban

PC Urban Properties is a Vancouver-based real estate development company. The PC Urban team is a multi-disciplinary group of dedicated individuals focused on maximizing unrealized potential for our clients, for our community, and for the properties we re-imagine. PC Urban’s IntraUrban Business Park locations are carefully chosen for access to transportation, proximity to amenities, and future value potential.

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Eric Aderneck

Webinars/eric_aderneck_photo.pngEric Aderneck is a Senior Planner with Metro Vancouver Regional Government. Over the past two decades, his diverse experience includes working for the public and private sectors in the Metro Vancouver region through a number of different capacities including planning policy, real estate development, consultant, and instructor. Eric is well-versed with industrial, employment, and economic issues in the Metro Vancouver region, leads the industrial lands portfolio, and overseen a number of leading publications on the topic of industrial lands (supply, demand, utilization, intensification, and stratification), and associated trends and implications. (LinkedIn)


Steve Forrest

Webinars/steve_forrest.pngSteve has been fortunate to have worked for successful Vancouver developers over his 30+ year career in the industry. In addition to the role of leading development and construction, Steve is responsible for ensuring that the project vision is delivered through a collaborative and dynamic team environment. (LinkedIn)



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