Webinar - Understanding BC's New Short-Term Rental Regulations and How It Affects You: A Legal Perspective

12:00 PM, April 3, 2024


This webinar is to help shed light on the recent developments in short-term rental regulations in British Columbia and explain the legal implications of this new provincial legislation.

Hosted by Sachin Pathigoda and Robert Bradley Lim from the De Novo Law Corporation. 

Sachin Pathigoda 
Principal Lawyer & Co-partner


Sachin Pathigoda is a dedicated and seasoned lawyer with a diverse range of legal expertise. With a strong background in securities law, commercial law, family law, estate planning, real estate law, and civil litigation, Sachin has earned a reputation as a versatile legal professional. As an entrepreneur, Sachin has demonstrated his innovative spirit by initiating several successful businesses, where he prioritizes sustainable manufacturing practices and the utilization of renewable resources, reflecting his dedication to ethical business practices.

‍Robert Bradley Lim
Principal Lawyer & Co-partner


Robert is an entrepreneurial lawyer with a unique business forward approach to law. As a business owner and having served on the board of publicly traded corporations, Robert truly understands the commercial needs of businesses. His fierce advocacy style and business pedigree have groomed his ability to serve a range of corporate clients that range from small businesses to publicly traded corporations. As a barrister, Robert has appeared at all levels of the BC Court and primarily litigates in the areas of commercial, real estate and defamation law. 

Registration closes April 1st at 4:00 pm. You will receive the Webinar Meeting details one day before the event on April 2, 2024