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REIBC Honorary Member Nomination Form

Nominee Information

For the below questions, please ensure maximum word counts for each section are adhered to.

1.  Outstanding Service
Describe the nominee’s excellence in service and contribution to the real estate industry.  Identify the nature of the participation, the degree of involvement and the duration of the nominee’s involvement.  Describe in particular the contributions, achievements and service excellence provided by the nominee.  Involvement may include committees, task forces, Board of Directors, etc. Maximum 200 words.

2. Major Contributions & Leadership to the Real Estate Industry
Describe the nominee’s major contribution(s) to the real estate industry.  This may include achievements in the nominee’s professional career, leadership, participation in real estate organizations, volunteerism, or other accomplishments related to real estate.  Describe the breadth and depth of the nominee’s involvement in each relevant area.  Maximum 300 words.

3. Why do you think this person is an outstanding candidate for honorary membership?
Maximum 200 words.

If you require further information please contact Brenda Southam, Executive Officer at, 604-685-3702 or 1-800-667-2166 ext 104.

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