2017 Award of Excellence Recipient

Graham Allen

Graham Allen This year’s recipient of the Award of Excellence is Graham Allen.

Graham has been a fixture with the real estate Institute for decades. He served as president of the Institute from 1978 to 1982, and holds the title of being the youngest president to serve the institute. He has often been called upon to serve the Institute on committees and initiatives, most recently servicing as chair of the disciplinary committee where he brought an impressive level of professionalism to the role. It goes without saying that Graham is a strong supporter of the RI designation.

In addition to being a RI, Graham is also a Chartered Arbitrator and holds several degrees including a Bachelor of Laws, a Doctor of Jurisprudence, a Master of Science (Urban Land Appraisal) and most recently (2013) obtained his Master of Laws specializing in International Human Rights Laws. His thesis “A Proposed Strategy for Ending the Death Penalty” has been cited in a number of subsequent publications.

Graham is a lawyer, having practiced with Boughton Law Corporation. His practice area included arbitration, property tax assessment and first Nations economic development. He is also an arbitrator, specializing in disputes around rental and land valuation.

In his personal life, Graham is a dedicated father having raised his two boys on his own. He remains deeply committed to the Institute as a loyal contributor to its future. Congratulations Graham on being awarded this year’s Real Estate Institute of British Columbia Award of Excellence.