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Property Negotiator - Metro Vancouver

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Property Negotiator
Deadline: November 26, 2015
Posted: November 12, 2015

Job Description / Duties

Provide customer-focused realty services to client–departments for the effective acquisition, administration or management, and disposal of real estate interests, including fee simple, rights of way, leases, licenses, etc. (“Property”) in accordance with policies and procedures.

Perform complex negotiation work to acquire, administer and dispose of Property, through purchase, exchange, sale, rental, etc., required for or declared surplus to Metro Vancouver needs in connection with water supply, treatment and delivery, liquid waste collection and treatment, solid waste and recycling management, air quality management, parks, greenways and conservation, and affordable rental housing.

Perform complex appraisal work, provide and defend valuation opinions and estimate Property market values, rental rates, costs and compensation. Prepare appraisal terms of reference, commission and review independent fee appraisals. Recommend values or rates to be paid or received under various agreements to acquire, administer and dispose of Property.

Acquire Property through approved statutory takings, negotiate litigation settlements, and represent Metro Vancouver in Court/arbitration proceedings. Act as advisor to client-departments and legal counsel in relation to complex real estate matters, expropriation, document preparation, conveyancing and Court/arbitration proceedings.

Perform or coordinate transaction due diligence, including legal, economic and environmental matters. Maintain property records and files, status property titles and encumbrances, engage and consult stakeholders. Prepare by-laws, agreements, correspondence, communication and briefing materials, and status reports, etc.

Prepare, submit and present reports with analysis, alternatives and recommendations to obtain approval or direction from Metro Vancouver’s Boards, Committees and management to acquire, administer or dispose of Property.

Prepare and submit for review, draft agreements (i.e. Leases, licenses, rights of way, purchase and sale agreements, land exchange agreements etc.) for the purposes of acquisition, disposition or land management.

Participate in client-department multi-disciplinary project teams. Coordinate realty services projects or programs, and perform a variety of Property related tasks.

Maintain professional working relationships with Metro Vancouver staff, and various real estate organizations, associations, commissions, authorities and administrators.

Perform related work as required.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Completion of the 12th school grade and an accredited course in Property Appraisal.

Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI), Professional Member of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia (RI) or equivalent professional designation.

Considerable experience in property appraisal, negotiation and related real estate work or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of evaluation, negotiation, disposal, exchange, rental and acquisition of all types of property.

Considerable knowledge of current realty values, construction costs, market trends and the processing of property transactions.

Sound knowledge of zoning and building bylaws.

Sound knowledge of modern office practices and procedures relating to real estate appraisal.

Sound knowledge of the functions of the applicable department and the property requirements of same.

Working knowledge of mortgages and leases and their relation to applicable property.

Ability to appraise and negotiate property purchase, rental, sale or exchange.

Ability to successfully meet and negotiate with property owners and deal effectively with tenants, realtors, business representatives, committees and the general public.

Ability to prepare detailed technical reports related to the appraisal and acquisition of all types of property, to maintain files and records and input computer data as required.

Ability to act in an advisory capacity to legal counsel and district officials during arbitration proceedings.

Driver's License for the Province of British Columbia.

Additional Information

Please follow this link to our Careers page where you can submit your application by November 26th, 2015.

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Please follow this link to our Careers page where you can submit your application by November 26th, 2015.

Employer Profile

Join us in our commitment to provide services and solutions to one of the world’s most liveable regions. We deliver service excellence in the areas of regional growth planning, air quality, water, liquid and solid waste management, regional parks, affordable housing, and community engagement to over 2.4 million residents. We invite you to bring your skills, passion, and expertise to help us in our commitment to sustain and enhance our region’s liveability. We offer competitive salaries; excellent benefit packages; a municipal pension plan; employee wellness programs; and varied opportunities for professional growth and development.