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2011 Census Counts

posted on 10:24 AM, September 21, 2012

Friends & Colleagues,

Yesterday saw the release of the third batch of data from the 2011 Census counts. While previous data releases focussed primarily on people (population by age and sex), yesterday’s release looked at household living arrangements, marital status, and the structural composition of our dwelling stock.

With a view to providing a summary of key trends and characteristics that these data describe, we have pulled together two brief highlight papers. The first describes the key points from the household living arrangements and marital status tabulations for Canada as a whole, while the second focuses on housing changes within the Lower Mainland, summarizing where the growth in ground oriented and apartment dwellings occurred spatially throughout the region over the past five years.

Both highlight papers can be accessed by visiting our website at

For more Census tabulations from this release visit .