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Altus InDepth - October 2015 Issue

posted on 2:36 PM, October 21, 2015

In the OCTOBER 2015 issue of Altus InDepth we discuss:

  1. Altus Group Tax Mill Rate Report
  2. Altus Group Insite - Beware of Office Market Averages
  3. Argus Developer


Lower Mainland, Victoria & Saanich BC

Altus Group is pleased to present an overview of property tax mill rates and a survey of relative property tax rates of major urban centres located throughout the Lower Mainland including Victoria and Saanich. The basis of establishing the mill rates is discussed and how they equalize assessed values with municipal budgets.

The rates for fifteen municipalities in Metro Vancouver are summarized within the charts provided in pages at the rear of this document. These findings were created with the intention to promote awareness and transparency of how tax rates differ across the Lower Mainland. 

More specifically, the analyses provided in the report indicate the difference in the ratio between commercial and residential tax rates in each Municipality. These in turn provides a viewpoint to discern how the total tax burden is apportioned between residential and commercial tax players.


BC - Lower Mainland, Victoria & Saanich Report

Phil Gertsman
Executive Vice President
Property Tax
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Ed Furlan
Senior Director
Property Tax
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Jim Davis
Senior Director
Property Tax
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ALTUS GROUP INSITE - Beware of Office Market Averages

“This time, it is different” is one of few phrases that often will get a conversation going in an unhealthy direction, quickly.  Sometimes this phrase has been used to suggest that the laws of nature and the business cycle have been altered, at least for now, and some imbalance in demand and supply will have a unique and significantly more positive outcome than ever experienced before. 

Each business cycle has its own personality, drivers and dynamics. For more than a decade, commercial real estate investments have benefited, relative to the stock markets, bond markets and many other investment options, from increasing investment appeal, transparency and performance. Strong inbound capital flows, compressing cap rates and excellent yields have been felt widely across the commercial real estate industry. If you wish, “high waters float all boats” has been the theme and the outcome for many investors. 


Beware of Office Market Averages Report

Sandy McNair
Altus Insite
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Modeling & 5 Key Benefits

Real estate development has become more complex. As such, the real estate industry is in the midst of moving from self-constructed Excel spreadsheets to the leading commercial real estate software - ARGUS Developer. The combination of the need to set out future events in a logical framework, cash flow, and the need to model often complex financial arrangements – added to the fact these models are dynamic requiring changes at regular intervals – means that the tool used to evaluate construction projects must be powerful, flexible and reliable.

argus1.jpg argus2.jpg
Argus Developer Modeling 5 Key Benefits To Argus Developer


David Eger, B. Comm, RI, AACI, MRICS
Senior Director & General Manager
Altus Group Limited