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New Report: BC's Most Expensive Properties

by Urban Futures, posted on 9:04 AM, August 23, 2013

Much interest attends the release of assessed values for residential properties in BC each year. After receiving the property tax notice, shock, joy and dismay are frequent reactions, and sometimes all three from the same household. Beyond the personal, there is also an interest in what other properties are worth and, given our fascination with wealth, what the most valuable properties are worth and where they are. As our annual municipal tax bills are a function of value, there is also interest in how much these properties pay in tax each year.

Based on data posted by BC Assessment, we have mapped the distribution of the most expensive properties in the province. What we found was more a narrative of concentration rather than distribution; a narrative which was focused on three specific municipalities.  Please see our homepage for a link under the ‘By The Numbers’ banner to “BC’s Most Expensive Properties”.  And for those of you who enjoy maps, you can view one showing BC’s most expensive properties here.