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REIBC's Strata Program gets Excellent Ratings

posted on 9:44 AM, May 11, 2017

Last year, REIBC launched an online Strata Governance Program that was developed for anyone living in or new to a strata. Many people have completed the course and given it high praise.

  • 85% rated the overall value as good to excellent
  • 94% said they completed the course in 2-4 hours or less

Comments include:

  • This Course was excellent for anyone new to Strata, whether it be new to Strata Management, new to Council or even new to being an owner.
  • I found the course interesting and it would be beneficial for every strata council member, especially for new members.
  • Overall very helpful and well explained

Cost: $99.00 plus GST.

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“A great course for anyone just buying into a strata or looking to join their council.  It would make life much easier if everyone on council had this basic knowledge of what the role of the council is.  This course combined with the knowledge and guidance of a property management company would ensure that the day to day business of a Strata Council would be easy.”

Craig Di Rocco
Strata Council President in Richmond