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Building Communities Around Transit

posted on 11:10 AM, February 26, 2021
SkyTrain at VCC-Clark Station, Vancouver. Credit: TransLink

TransLink is Metro Vancouver’s transit agency, operating transit modes and supporting active transportation throughout the region to link 23 distinct communities.

“In addition, transit is also key to addressing some of the most pressing social issues of our time,” says TransLink’s Kevin Desmond. “Our integrated transit system provides residents from all corners of our region with equitable access to jobs and helps address our region’s housing affordability crunch by opening new areas where young families can live.”

Transit-oriented communities let people live near transit options that allow them to move with ease around the region. Marine Gateway is an example of such a community, transformed from an underutilized industrial site into a bustling mixed-use community next to a Canada Line station. The Cambie Corridor is another area of development served by Canada Line, where more than 7,000 homes have been built during the past 10 years.

“TransLink’s Adjacent and Integrated Developments (AID) team works closely with developers to ensure that projects constructed around our network have as little impact as possible on transit infrastructure and integrate with the system’s facilities,” says Desmond. “Through this collaborative approach, Metro Vancouver is now considered a global leader when it comes to transit-oriented developments and transit-oriented communities.”

Transit continues to be expanded to new areas, and major projects are on the horizon. The Broadway Subway and Surrey Langley SkyTrain are expected to have a transformational effect on the region.

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