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What Do You Enjoy About Your Work?

posted on 10:33 AM, October 2, 2020

When asked what they enjoy most about their role and the work they do, many of today’s real estate industry leaders are in one of two camps (and a few are in both): they like working with people, or they like challenging projects.

In the first camp are those whose colleagues or clients make the work worthwhile. In their own words:

“I enjoy people, whether working within or leading a group of professionals through a real estate project, and I strive to develop relationships that inspire effectiveness with a laugh along the way.” —Lisa D’Errico, Principal, Liberty Land Consulting & Real Estate Services

“An aspect I find stimulating is working with and learning from other professionals, whether they are the team members in my firm, clients, consultants, or lawyers on the other side of a transaction. Coaching and mentoring young lawyers is rewarding and energizing.” —Elizabeth Yip, Director, Terra Law Corporation

“I enjoy my role as a mentor and trainer.… Whether working with buyers, sellers, or tenants, I like assisting people with a major financial decision that also impacts their lifestyle.” —Janet Scotland, Managing broker, Owner, Century 21 Arbutus Realty

“I enjoy being a part of an organization that helps people deal with and resolve difficult and stressful problems. I also enjoy working with talented and engaged people, from the staff members and the board of directors to our stakeholders and insureds.” —Leslie Howatt, Executive Officer, Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance Corporation

In the second are those who thrive when working through difficult issues or when something is at stake:

“…I enjoy working on significant and meaningful projects across the region that will make a difference to residents—especially the most vulnerable segments of our communities and families.” —Amina Yasin, Regional Planner, Metro Vancouver

“I enjoy the problem-solving nature of development consulting. We are always troubleshooting, drawing on available resources, building bridges, and acting in our clients’ interests…. It is exciting, demanding, and incredibly rewarding. And of course, the work is satisfying because it is desperately needed.” —Noha Sedky, Manager of Development, CitySpaces Consulting

“I enjoy being a change leader and a solutions provider on challenging, difficult issues.” —Anne McMullin, President and CEO, Urban Development Institute

“…I enjoy the freedom to tackle issues that impact the industry from a more holistic perspective.” —Samantha Gale, CEO, CMBA-BC and MBIBC

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