REIBC Members Seeking Employment

The following is a list of our members seeking employment. If you have a position, please contact them directly.

Name: Jenny Kwok-Gilmartin

What type of position are you looking for?: Appraiser, Valuator, Analyst

Provide a brief overview: Specialize in Commerce Real estate with over eight years of extensive and successful hands-on business analysis. Experience in relationship management, real estate technology (valuation, property management, and leasing), and providing recommendations to internal and external partners, clients, and customers. Seeking an opportunity at the appraisal area to fulfill AIC-AACI designation requirements.

How do you want to be contacted: email


Name: Sheila Sontz

What type of position are you looking for?: Commercial Appraisal - Applied Experience

Provide a brief overview: Realtor finishing my PGCV at UBC, looking for applied experience in the commercial appraisal field.

How do you want to be contacted: phone: 604-551-9505