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Community Belonging

posted on 8:52 AM, October 14, 2015
Westminster Pier Park, New Westminster (Credit: City of New Westminster)

When planning cities for the future, how often do we think about social connections and personal relationships? Does thinking about a city from this perspective change the way we plan land use and design buildings and streets?

The City of New Westminster sees planning for residents’ sense of community as the best way to plan the city’s future. Our City is New Westminster’s official community plan update process, which will provide the vision and regulatory framework to guide future growth in a way that strengthens social relationships and, in doing so, makes the city a desirable place to live, work, and play. By focusing on the concept of belonging, city staff will plan for an inclusive community that is age, ability, and family friendly. This will enhance quality of life for everyone.

The city is in the process of identifying land use and design strategies that will support community belonging.

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To read more about community corners, great streets, and the role of conversation in public spaces, see Jackie Teed and Lynn Roxburgh’s “Our City Plan: Land Use Planning and Belonging in New Westminster” in the Spring 2015 issue of Input, page 12.

More information about the City of New Westminster’s Our City OCP process

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