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Developing Small Homes

posted on 3:37 PM, February 3, 2016

Small homes, particularly micro-lofts, are being built in response to housing affordability issues, but this modern trend isn’t new. UDI’s Anne McMullin writes, “Small laneway cottages and tiny apartments have existed in Vancouver for over a century. What has changed over time is the growing demand for small homes, and the policies that affect their supply.”

Municipalities regulate the supply of small housing by limiting infill and setting minimum unit sizes. “One reason why some city officials are hesitant to increase the supply of micro-units is to curb speculation from investors looking to make a purchase-and-flip profit. Some speculators may see micro-lofts as a good investment opportunity, but even investment units would likely be rented out, thereby increasing the rental housing stock,” argues McMullin.

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Development costs and purchase prices are two more key factors in small housing development. Read more in “A Developer’s Perspective on Building Small Homes,” in the Fall 2015 issue of Input, page 25.

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