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Forecasting BC Weather

posted on 11:08 AM, January 6, 2017
Drought levels in BC in the summer of 2015. credit: CBC

Mark Madryga, the chief meteorologist at Global BC, admits that “in my profession as a presenter of weather, I am especially energized during episodes of significant, high-impact weather. Consequently, a more typical autumn and winter season, especially if snowfall descends to the lower elevations, will be favourable to at least this meteorologist!”

Madryga certainly called it in the latest edition of Input (Fall 2016) where he shares his expectations for this winter’s weather, noting that a “realistic prediction for our late autumn and winter is a forecast leaning towards a long-term climatological average. This traditionally includes several potent coastal autumn wind- and rainstorms, a number of longer-lasting Interior cold snaps, and likely a few episodes of impacting snowfall reaching down to sea level on the South Coast; all elements that depart from the past two winters.”

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Read more about BC’s recent weather history and forecast in “British Columbia Weather: A Look Back and a Peek into the Future,” page 41.

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