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Getting Connected, Staying Connected

posted on 11:58 AM, September 28, 2018

Everyone agrees: networking remains a critically important aspect of professional practise in the real estate industry. RIs network to attract new clients and business opportunities, maintain existing relationships, and exchange information. Most everyone also agrees that networking is increasingly favouring digital means over face-to-face contact.

Social networking has certainly made it easier to connect with more people, whether clients or other professionals in the field. Email is convenient and efficient-emails can be sent, and answered, at any time of day. Connecting on LinkedIn requires just a click to enter someone's professional circle. Sending a tweet informs infinite contacts in one fell swoop of the latest news.

For RIs working outside of city centres, in-person networking is challenged by geography. "Getting together face-to-face with colleagues or clients is very difficult as everyone is busy with work and their personal lives. In the Fraser Valley this is even more of a challenge as colleagues and clients are spread out across different communities," says assessor Raj Sandhu, RI. "Travelling and going to networking events in person is becoming the exception to group video chats and meetings."

But not everyone shares high enthusiasm for social media, video chatting, and email. For some, nothing will replace a cup of coffee and a handshake. Many RIs value the phone call and the in-person meeting more than ever before, citing the importance of personal relationships to their business dealings.

"Today, it seems that despite technology we are all running faster than ever, but at a distance-through emails, faxes, teleconferences, videoconferences, and webinars," says notary Tammy Morin-Nakashima, RI. "Thank goodness for these technologies, which give us flexibility, but also for live conferences, and a charity golf game or two where we get to see each other in person and share our insights."

Many RIs use networking specifically to meet with other industry professionals so that they have better access to products and solutions to address their clients' or employers' needs. This is one of the many benefits of membership with REIBC: professional connections. Developer and REIBC past president Nathan Worbets, RI, notes, "The nature of the industry continues to be very relationship based, with only one degree of separation between a majority of the market participants."

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