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Growth and Opportunity in Penticton

posted on 10:28 AM, February 16, 2018
Penticton Lakeside Resort. credit: John Bilodeau

Growth is a key word in Penticton, but alone the term doesn’t adequately capture the city’s vision. Penticton is also innovating, revitalizing, and providing opportunities.

“One need only look at the increasing number of business licences to see how much Penticton has grown, writes Penticton’s mayor, Andrew Jakubeit. “Commercial business licences have increased by more than 525 from 2016 to 2017… and the downtown core is showing signs of having the lowest commercial vacancy rates in years.”

The increase in businesses has led to an increase in development, including commercial buildings, housing, amenity spaces, and more. Penticton Regional Hospital and Penticton Lakeside Resort are just two of many new developments supporting a growing population living both inside and outside of downtown in new or revitalized neighbourhoods.

“All of the development and real and perceived investment in people and infrastructure is ultimately driven by the City of Penticton’s Official Community Plan, the roadmap for current and future planning,” explains Jakubeit. The OCP is currently under review and undergoing extensive community consultation.

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Read more about the City of Penticton’s vision, new development, and revitalization in “Smart Planning and Community Design Bring Opportunity and Investment,” in the Fall 2017 issue of Input, page 24. Download Fall 2017

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