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The Tiniest (Farm)house

posted on 3:28 PM, January 6, 2016
Possibly the tiniest farmhouse in Metro Vancouver (Credit: Shirlene Cote)

What do you do when you run a tiny 1.5-acre farm on a short-term lease and need to live as close to it as possible? You build a tiny, portable farmhouse.

Farmer Shirlene Cote runs Earth Apple Farm, which grows over 40 different crops, supplies a CSA, vends at farmers’ markets, and sells to restaurants. Overseeing the operation has been easier since she parked her tiny, wheeled house on site.

Cote took the process of acquiring her tiny house slowly, doing careful research and living in a trailer for a while to test her commitment, but now wishes she had jumped in from the beginning. Built by Tiny Living Homes from an established template, her house took only six weeks to build. Minor alterations to the template were enough to satisfy Cote’s housing needs.

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Read more about Cote’s journey to tiny-homeownership in “Tiny Farm, Tiny House,” in the Fall 2015 issue of Input, page 32.

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