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Tiny in Nelson

posted on 2:00 PM, November 17, 2015
Tiny House on Wheels (Credit: Tobias Gray)

Seth Reidy loves building tiny houses. Why? They’re quick to build, providing a client with a home in just months, which he finds tremendously satisfying. But more than that, tiny homes are a values-driven counter-movement. Tiny homes, often just 200 square feet, require a less-cluttered lifestyle. “We are getting buried with junk,” says Reidy. “I know how liberating it can be to shed stuff—I’ve done this myself—and it is a great pleasure to be part of that process with people.”

Tiny homes also require creative, well-thought design. Says Reidy, “As we build bigger and bigger it allows us to build with less and less thought. The smaller we build the more we need to pay attention to things as a builder and as someone living in the space. I like being thoughtful. I think it is one of the things lacking in our current society.”

At Nelson Tiny Houses, his company in Nelson, BC, Reidy designs and constructs a range of tiny buildings—tiny houses on trailer beds, off-grid cabins, mobile kitchens, and more. Demand is growing, even if municipal restrictions are lagging behind.

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To read more about Reidy’s experience, see “Tiny Homes in Nelson,” in the Fall 2015 issue of Input, page 20.

Nelson Tiny Houses Acorn Tour (YouTube Video)

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