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Retired Membership

"Being an RI has given me integrity in the real estate community,"  says the Honourable Henry Pybus Bell-Irving, a Professional member since the Institute's incorporation in 1960 and one of its original 30 Governors.

Retired membership offers:

  • Use of the RI (Retired) designation              
  • Educational seminars, workshops and chapter events       
  • Notification of industry-wide event postings             
  • INPUT magazine mailed to your home or office              
  • Members only  web site section including: searchable Input articles, downloadable membership directory, preferences for auto-notification of new jobs and events.
  • Navigata Communications Long Distance Savings Plan         

A Retired Members is a Professional member who:

  • has retired from the Profession of Real Estate, and
  • no longer receives remuneration from the Profession of Real Estate.     

*a retired member who resumes the Profession of Real Estate, or resumes receiving remuneration from the Profession of Real Estate, must cease being a Retired member and if eligible to do so resume being a professional member.      

Just send a letter to the REIBC office notifying us of your retirement and request retired membership status.

Retired Membership Fees:

  • Annual Retired membership fee -  $78.45 +GST (includes chapter fees). Effective April 1 through March 31.

For more information contact the REIBC office at  or call 604 685-3702 or 1-800 667-2166.