Award Nominations 2024

We are pleased to open this year's Award Nominations for the following categories:

1) RI Medal of Distinction

The RI Medal of Distinction awards an acclaimed RI for their lifetime achievements. This RI has made a mark within their profession, the industry and have made exceptional contributions to their community.

2) RI Medal of Excellence for Leadership

The RI Medal of Excellence in Leadership celebrates an RI who has demonstrated a unique ability to guide and inspire others. This RI is committed to personal and professional development and their leadership has contributed to the effective and efficient functioning of their organization.

3) RI Medal of Excellence for Ingenuity

The RI Medal of Excellence in Ingenuity awards an innovative and forward-thinking professional. This RI generates and implements new ideas, techniques and tools. They are successful and surpass expectations with their bold risk-taking.

4) RI Medal of Excellence for an Emerging Leader

The RI Medal of Excellence for an Emerging Leader recognizes an RI’s potential. This professional has shown initiative in their work and has demonstrated a strong commitment to ethics and professionalism. This RI must be under 40 years of age at the time of nomination.

Please note: Only REIBC Professional members are eligible. Both REIBC members and non-members may submit nominations. Previous recipients of the REIBC Award of Excellence are not eligible for nomination for the RI Medal of Distinction.

The Board of Governors may, at their sole discretion, accept, postpone, or refuse a nomination.

The 2024 RI Awards

The 2024 RI Awards will be presented June 27th, 2024 at 50th Parallel Estate in Kelowna, BC. 

Submission Instructions

The submissions for the 2024 RI Awards are now CLOSED! We appreciate all your nominations. Keep an eye out for further updates in June.