Scholarships & Bursaries

George Oikawa Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,000 is offered by the Real Estate Institute of BC in honor of George Oikawa whose dedicated work as a Governor of the Institute, guest lecturer and respected real estate practitioner epitomizes the highest standards of the Real Estate Institute. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in the Urban Land Economics program and is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  

Real Estate Institute of BC, Bob Mikitka Memorial Endowment

This award will be known as the "Graduating Achievement Award" presented to a student for completing the Professional Real Estate Advanced Diploma Program at BCIT with a combination of high academic standing, leadership, service and best all-round performance as selected by the faculty.  Student is presently awarded approximately $700.

Urban Land Economics Student Awards

Each year the Real Estate Institute of BC awards $2000 to the top student completing the Urban Land Economic program. $1000 is also given to the runner up.  The recipients must have been a member of REIBC for at least 1 year prior to completion of the program.

Langara College Award

Scholarship for students actively pursuing the Social Housing Management Certificate Program in the Langara College Continuing Studies Department. The award is to recognize those students whose academic performance is outstanding.

Vancouver Foundation Grant

This grant was created in 1967.

  1. The capital of the Fund to be held for permanent investment under the provisions of the Vancouver Foundation Act.

  2. The income of the Fund to be expended annually: 
    1. To provide scholarships, bursaries and prizes to graduate and undergraduate students of Estate Management in the Faculty of    Commerce and Business Administration of the University of British Columbia. 
    2. To add to the Estate Management collection in the University of British Columbia library. 
    3. To finance Estate Management Research projects at the University of British Columbia.

  3. The income of the Fund shall be allocated for the purposes of the Fund by a Grants Committee of nine members appointed annually.  Six shall be appointed by the Directors of the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia and three, being past or present members of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration of the University of British Columbia, shall be nominated annually by the President of the University.  Vancouver Foundation shall be notified in writing by the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia of the membership of the Grants Committee, and this Committee shall regulate its proceedings, fix its quorum, and do such things as may be necessary to carry out its duties.

  4. At least one each year and as soon as possible after the Grants Committee has been informed by Vancouver Foundation of the amount of income available, the University shall submit proposals to the Committee for the allocation of income available for distribution and the Committee may effect such changes to these proposals as it deems fit and, provided that these changes are approved by the Board of Governors of the University, the Committee shall direct Vancouver foundation to issue payments as required to implement the approved programs.

  5. In the event that no allocation of income is made by the Grants Committee in any year in accordance with Clause 3 above, the income of the Fund shall be expended in that year under the provisions of Clause 2 above as the Directors of Vancouver Foundation may determine.